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This site has been created and is maintained by undergraduate students in Bob Sandmeyer's class. PHI 336, Environmental Ethics. By visiting this page you can get essential information about a number of sustainability projects and programs initiated or sponsored the University of Kentucky. This page offers a description of a number of different sustainability projects as it traces the history, effectiveness, and ethical justification of the University of Kentucky's efforts to create a sustainable university.

Research Areas

  1. Campus Recycling

  2. Community Gardens

  3. Energy

  4. Food

  5. Land Grant Institution

  6. New Sustainability Majors

Teams (F2011)

Campus Recycling

Community Gardens



Land Grant Status

New Sustainability Majors
Curtis Caldwell

Damien Angel

Sam Burchett, Jr.

Ellen Darnell

Chelse Berish

Kelsey Gregg
Kristi Durbin

Shannon Baker

Tyler Hess

Geraldine McIntosh

Jason Coleman

Sammy Meador
Jon McCoy

Maghann Hart

Chris Jelesky

JP Wooley

Leslie Hammond

Ethan Steffen
Matt Noe

Hailey Simon

James Jones

Garret Spear

John Robey

Polly Symons
Kim Vires

Drew Sugarman

Robert Wilhelm


  • Education and Research
    • Co-Curricular Education; Curriculum; Research
  • Operations
    • Buildings; Climate; Dining Services; Energy; Grounds; Purchasing; Transportation; Waste; Water
  • Planning, Administration, & Engagement
    • Coordination & Planning; Diversity and Affordability; Human Resources; Investment; Public Engagement
  • Innovation

UK Office of Sustainability

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Campus Recycling
Community Gardens
Sustainability at UK/Community Gardens/home